Products and Services

We can assemble a custom solution for your business needs, and then help maintain it. We can also expand and add to your systems so that they grow along with your company.

We work with the best brands of hardware, software, and service suppliers to give you just what you need to keep your information safe, secure, and productive. Whether you prefer the Windows or Apple platform, we can provide you with the right match for your business and your budget.


We can provide a solution based on anything from a single computer to a distributed network serving dozens of locations. We can handle the installation, configuration, and maintenance of your system if you want.

We work with both the Windows and Apple platforms, and can provide everything from desktop computers to notebooks and tablets for mobile operations.

We can provide specialized hardware for your specific industry, whether it is retail Point of Sale (POS) registers or setting up your own private cloud on the Internet to hold your data.

We have extensive access control and security products, from key-card locks to security cameras that you can access over the Internet. We have systems that log and control employee access to different parts of your buildings.

We can provide a turnkey solution, right down to running the cables for your network and installing the access points to give you secure, high-speed, wireless network coverage throughout your plant


We can provide you with all your software needs, from general office applications such as Microsoft Office to operating systems for Windows and Apple.

We support a wide range of bookkeeping and financial software, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs that can make your client contact information work much harder for you with less work.

We are familiar with most popular programs, from Adobe’s Acrobat and CS Suite to the powerful Google applications that make it easy to share files among co-workers so that they can collaborate on projects.

We have all the latest anti-virus software that can protect your system from malicious programs, and we can make sure that your systems remain protected and up-to-date so you don’t have to worry about the security of your data.


Our experts can handle all your information handling needs, from system design, to installation and configuration, to ongoing maintenance and support. We want your system to work for you reliably and effectively, making your business more productive.

We work with services provided by other major companies to give you the features you need, such as Voice Over IP (VOIP) that lets you replace your traditional (and expensive) telephone lines with service over your Internet connection. This can save you money, and give you powerful new ways to manage your telecommunications.

We also can provide you with access to services that automatically protect your valuable data by safely copying it to remote, secure locations. You don’t need to do anything; backups can be made automatically to minimize the risk of losing data.